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SuperGaragesuperGARAGE - elvis was bigger than the beatles Their single from this record was "Sugar" which did very well on Canadian radio Supergarage toured with the Headstones, Big Sugar, I Mother Earth, Barstool Prophets, Matthew Good, Soul Asyulm, Green Day. The band was known as one of the hardest working bands in Canada where they were known as road warriors.
They also had a track in Petz Dogz 2 called Pop Pop Radio.
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Lotus Magnet - Full Circle Sabotage (co-produce) The songs are tense and uncomplicated, tough and arousing, adding up to a powerhouse rock band. Passionate and pure, Lotus Magnet will leave any listener addicted and attracted to their solid energy...
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Cat House Dogs The Cat House Dogs - Five Licks: The Cat House Dogs play grass roots rock delivered with a spontaneous punch that has gained them a reputation as a must-see live act. Check out the video for the song CROOK.
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Darlings of ChelseaDarlings of Chelsea - The Mimico Sessions Their debut independent release, is a stunning collection of tracks ranging from indelibly catchy to raucously engaging, it channels the energy and drive of this quartet into a rousing, powerful display of melody and prowess. The album possesses everything from vocals that scream and spit, to guitar playing reminiscent of the ghost of Johnny Thunders clashing with Angus Young and exhibits a rhythm section with the ferocity of Keith Moon and Stewart Copeland
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Black Mother PearlBlack Mother Pearl - This heavy hitting band brings back the best elements of classic bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath mixed with the modern acts of today such as Thornley and Kings of Leon. Singer Mike also brings an urban flavour in his voice that makes these songs unique and memorable.
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Michelle ConnolyMichelle Connoly (Co-Produced) This progressive singer/songwriter has been compared to  artists such as Tori Amos and Kate Bush. Haunting and sometimes quirky, Michele’s songs cut through with passion and intelligence. As well as an exceptional singer, Michelle is an accomplished pianist with many performances to her credit.
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This band sounds like the quantum mechanics of music. We sing, we yell, we get louder and softer. We are like every other band; we have tons of hit songs.
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Kristen AnzelcKristen Anzelc is a 18-year old vocalist who has been singing since the age of 5. She has performed in various musical theatre productions and has attended Summer Rock Camp 2006 & 2007. Her musical influences include Queen, The Beatles, and Christina Aguilera. Kristen’s life dream is to become a famous singer.
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