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Vocal Coaching

Bel canto’ is the Italian vocal technique and style of the 18th and early 19th centuries, with its emphasis on beauty of sound, thus the term which literally means ’beautiful singing’. More specifically, it is the method of singing a line of music with great ’legato’ or smoothness. It is a highly artistic technique and the only proper one for Italian opera and Mozart.

There are many associations with the term ’bel canto’ as with many terms having to do with singing. Legato phrasing, a rounded tone and immaculate articulation are just three to mention. What is important is the foundation that this method can provide for a strong vocal technique for ANY KIND of singing.

Singing well is a skill, acquired through consistent voice lessons and by developing a strong vocal technique. The voice is a difficult instrument to master as well as the most personal. It is inextricably bound up with the physical human body and its soul. The voice takes time to perfect.

You have to nurture it carefully because it is a delicate instrument, very temperamental, and it can not be replaced. Every voice is unique. I always strive to bring out the innate potential of every singer. Each voice will move forth freely with a safe and healthy technique, which will ensure longevity and build confidence in every note that is sung.

Lessons In Person

Joe begins with a 1 Hour lecture The lecture will lay out all the elements that we will be learning and working on. Lessons will be Half hour once to twice a week.

Fee 1 hour lecture $50.00
  Half hour Sessions $35.00
(Minimum 4 lessons in advance)

Studio Location: Backroom Recording Studio 2 Audley Street, Toronto,ON
Hours: By appointment only


On-line lessons

I have found that SKYPE works amazing for this. If you have a MACBOOK you are reading to go!. Otherwise a Webcam Microphone and Hi-Speed internet connection will work just fine.

On-line lessons are prepaid through paypal 4 lessons in advance at $35.00 per half hour($140.00). However the first lesson is a 1 Hour lecture at $50.00 The lecture will lay out all the elements that we will be learning and working on. This is mandatory.

4 Lessons in advance: Vocal Lecture:


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